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Federal Criminal Statutes

United States Code (Downloadable)
United States Code (Entire)
Bail and Detention Provisions
Computer Fraud
Criminal Justice Act
Drug Offenses
Firarms Offenses
Fraud Offenses
Habeas Corpus
Aliens and Nationality, Title 8
Mail Fraud
Alien Terrorist Removal Procedures
Other Fraud Offenses
Money Laundering
Obstruction of Justice
RICO (Racketeering Act)
Speedy Trial Provisions
Stored Wire and Electronic Commun.
Wiretap Provisions

Federal Circuit Court Opinions

Justia Links to Federal Appeals Court Decisions
First Circuit Opinions
Second Circuit Opinions
Third Circuit Opinions
Fourth Circuit Opinions
Fifth Circuit Opinions
Sixth Circuit Opinions
Seventh Circuit Opinions
Eighth Circuit Opinions
Ninth Circuit Opinions
Tenth Circuit Opinions
Eleventh Circuit Opinions
D.C. Appeals Circuit Opinions

Federal Rules

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Federal Rules of Evidence
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
2010 Manual for Military Commissions

Other Federal Legislation

Code of Federal Regulations (alternates here and here)
Federal Register
Military Commissions Act of 2009

Supreme Court Research Sites

United States Supreme Court Website
United States Supreme Court Opinions - 2007-present
Online Merit Briefs (ABA)
Supreme Court Decisions since 1893
Supreme Court Rules
Supreme Court Argument Transcripts
Oyez: Supreme Court Argument Audio/Transcripts

United States Attorneys' Manual and Justice Department Documents

United States Attorneys' Manual (Criminal)
DOJ Criminal Resource Manual
Changes to 2002 FBI Guidelines for Undercover Operations
2006 DOJ Guidelines for Use of Confidential Informants
2002 DEA Manual
2011 Admin. Proposals for Intellectual Property
2009 RICO Manual
AG Guidelines for FBI Domestic Investigations
2009 Federal Guidelines for Searching and Seizing Computers
DOJ 2005 Guidelines for Electronic Surveillance
IRS Criminal Investigations
IRS Narcotic Investigations
IRS Money Laundering Investigations

Law Journals & Publications

On-Line Law Journals

On-Line Libraries

Cornell University - Legal Information Institute
Google Scholar
Onlne Public Library of Law
Library of Congress
Duke Commercial Legal Resarch Guide

Federal Sentencing Sites

United States Sentencing Guidelines Manual (Nov. 2011 Edition)
United States Sentencing Commission
U.S. Sentencing Commission Federal Register Notices

Federal Judicial Sites

U.S. Courts Website
Pacer - U.S. Courts
Pacer - U.S. Courts (Mobile)
Federal Court Directory on Pacer
Defender Services
Military Commissions Website

Congressional Sites

Thomas- Federal Legislation Server
Congressional Record
Congressional Hearings - Limited
Presidential Orders

Founding Documents

U.S. Core Democracy Documents
United States Constitution
Declaration of Independence
Federalist Papers
The Magna Carta
Consitutions of the World

Treaties and International Documents

State Dept. Guide to United States Treaties
United Nations Treaty Collection
Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and Optional Protocols
U.N. Treaty Research

Legal Ethics

American Legal Ethics Library by State
ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct
ABA Model Defense Function Standards
ABA Model Prosecution Function Standards
ABA Standards (Fair Trial/Free Press)

Bureau of Prisons

Bureau of Prisons
Inmate Locator

Criminal Justice Statistics

Bureau of Justice Statistics
National Archive Criminal Justice Data
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
United States Sentencing Statistics by Year and State

Law Blogs (Blawgs)

DUI Blog
How Appealing
Sentencing Law and Policy
TalkLeft: the Politics of Crime
White Collar Crime Blog

State Research Links

Pieper State Law Directory
National State Court Directory
Findlaw State Law Resources
Municpal Codes Nationwide
State Constitutions

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